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Art Trades: OPEN

Commissions: OPEN

Please do not repost/steal my art.

If you wanna draw my OC, Evelyn her reference sheet is here.

Feel free to draw Evelyn however you feel comfortable with, I'm not fussy!

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quickly threw this together, will make a better commish sheet when i have more examples, incase you can’t read my writing;

sketch - $5 USD

lineart - $10 USD

colour - $15 USD

payment through paypal only and must provide a reference of the character

if you want to commission me send a message/fanmail or ask for a business email uvu

Commission this qt.

A trilogy.

More ACNL related doodles.

A drew a very cute rararaam.

Made this for my buddy, Danny. It’s his birthday today.


Noodle~ ♥

A few more ACNL catsona doodles.

For breezybubbly. ♥

My animal crossing villager persona character.