Some silly art blog in which I draw "cutesy" arts. I try to doodle often and do art trades.

Please do not repost my art.

If you wanna draw my OC, Evelyn her reference sheet is here.

Feel free to draw Evelyn however you feel comfortable with, I'm not fussy!

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  • A lot of things factor into it and mainly it’s all personal preference.

    I draw zoomed in at about 200% on a 1920x1080 canvas so when i zoom out afterwards the line quality looks sharper and smooth.

    There’s also stability that i have set to 6 for myself which also determines how smooth the lines are as well as how much delay your tablet pen has. Which in some cases for lining i have set to S-3 so i can make easier curved lines.

    I also use the rotation and zoom tools a lot, and i erase and fix up any messy pixels.

    If you want “straight” lines, shift and mouse click from point a to point b. 

    And lastly, don’t use actual black for your lines cos it always looks mega messy lining with that, i recommend a really dark grey but never 100% black.

    As i said, these are all personal preference stuff as well as just being familiar with the program and slowly practising and improving my style so yeah, i hope this helps!

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